Cecilia Beaven will be painting at Cuchara!

We cannot be more excited! Our very own artist Cecilia Beaven, the creator of our murals, will be in Houston painting another wall, and this time, she’ll do it in front of everyone who wants to see her.

Join us on April 14, starting at noon. We’ll have our fun happy hour with delicious light appetizers, and of course, our signature tequila drinks, which will be served at the patio. It will be a great day, filled with art, food, music, and of course, interesting people just like you. Don’t miss it!

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Join us live-tweeting the event with your photos and comments using the hashtag #CeciHTX!


Cecilia will visit Cuchara just after she finished an incredible project in Mexico City called Scribe Billboard. The premise was an interactive project where Cecilia would have to live in a billboard for 10 days, while people tweeted their ideas for drawings.

Cecilia had to paint in 10 days some of the ideas received and the response was unbelievable! One thing is to read about it and another is to see it. Check the video below!


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