Is there anything better than seeing a true artist at work? How many times do we get to see them mixing colors, preparing, drawing, and painting live?

We got the chance to see the entire artistic process that goes behind it and it’s pretty amazing.


We are proud to bring live events like this one to Houston, after all, we have a great city and we need to go out and live it, enjoy it, paint it, dance it!

While Cecilia Beaven was painting, DJ Sun was spinning records: the event was a success. It’s not everyday that we can catch a mural being paint live! Our restaurant was full of great customers, who converted the place into a party venue: hula hooping, kids laughing, friends chatting, drinks and food flowing; all in all, we had an amazing crowd!


We LOVE to do this and it feels good when we have such a great response.

Thank you Houston for a great day!


And here it is the moment when Cecilia finishes:


Click here to see the video.


Cool links reporting the event:

Live-tweets with the hashtag #CeciHTX
Instagram photos with the hashtag #CeciHTX:
From the artist herself, @samuraiceci:
And a Storify on the event

Funny ~ Check the video of the artist being silly while on a break!

And a recap video.


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