The words of deliciousness

Charalitos, huachinango, nopal: too weird? well, all of those words refer to delicious food, and all of them are in our menu.

This is definitely a staple of Mexican food, yet you don’t see it that often. Charalitos are small lake fish, they taste a tad salty, and we served them fried. They’re perfect to share as an appetizer paired with beer or a cold drink.

The word huachinango comes from our Mexican indigenous languages and in other Spanish speaking countries, is known as pargo rojo. Huachinango is red snapper but no matter what word you use, this fish is delicious! We prepare it Veracruz-style, one of the most traditional ways.

Healthy and delicious. The nopal is one of the edible parts of the prickly pear and it’s rich in magnesium, vitamin C, and manganese. It can be served in fresh salad, (nopalitos) which is perfect when the temperature is hot. We like to pair it with chilled Mexican Sauvignon Blanc. This is a great, healthy dish!

As part of the menu, we also serve Mula de nopal. We prepare it stuffed with cheese mounted over house salsa, and we add a really cool looking mule as decoration.

We’d love to have you in the restaurant and try any of these dishes!

Mula de Nopal

Mula de Nopal


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