Saint Anthony party!

Saint Anthony is the saint of luck and is known for bringing luck no matter what you ask. He also helps to find missing objects and even missing people.

This saint has also an important quality for which he’s praised: he can give girls a boyfriend, that’s right, turn the image upside down, say a prayer, and Saint Anthony will give you a boyfriend! He is an awesome lucky charm to have around. Join us for an evening of music, luck and drinks.

Cuchara loves to celebrate!
Any day is a good excuse to have a party, let’s celebrate Saint Anthony together! Join us for a big party with DJ Sun on Thursday, June 13, 2013 from 5 to 11 PM.

Lucky charms

In Mexico, the tradition includes not only saying a prayer asking for missing objects and boyfriends but also using lucky charms, which mix Catholic traditions and Mexican vibrant colors and imagery. Those lucky charms are creative, beautiful, and are part of our culture.

De Petra will be in charge of the charms for the evening.

About De Petra:
Cynthia and Lorena Sheridan are alchemists that give meaning to the mineral world by creating jewelry with movement and soul. De Petra will surprise you with unique pieces that transmit soul and spirit to the metals and minerals. Their designs transcend time and space, marrying the primitive with the modern.

The prayers:

“St. Anthony, please look around; something is lost and must be found.”
“San Antonio dame novio, San Andrés dámelo pues”.
“Saint Anthony give me a boyfriend, Saint Andrew please help.”

Join us to celebrate Saint Anthony and maybe you'll get lucky!

Join us to celebrate Saint Anthony and maybe you’ll get lucky!


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