If walls could talk… oh, but they do!

'Ciudad' mural for Cuchara Restaurant by Cecilia Beaven

‘Mercado’ on the left and ‘Ciudad’ on the right: murals for Cuchara Restaurant by Cecilia Beaven

Murals have been part of Mexican history since the beginning of time. Ancient cultures like Olmecs and Toltecs had their homes and religious sites covered in drawings depicting daily life, creatures, war scenes, and important rituals. Their walls talked, and loud. They told stories of nature, conquerers, gods and goddesses, blood and pride. Back then it was a way of communication, today it’s called muralism, the art of painting murals has officially evolved and now it is categorized as art.

Muralism has been recognized in Mexico as an artistic style since the early 1900s, right after the Revolution. Its origins, like any other artistic expression is to tell a story, usually one of nonconformism; disobedience, and disapproval of an establishment.

Cuchara and the murals

Cuchara depicts exactly what Mexico City is about: a cosmopolitan metropolis where art, food, millions of people, traditions, culture, expressions, sentiments, and even chaos share a space. All these ingredients make this city one of the most exciting and diverse places in the world. As such, artistic expressions are seen on every street, and this is something that Cuchara needed to display. That’s when Cecilia Beaven comes into play.

'Ciudad' mural for Cuchara Restaurant by Cecilia Beaven

Cecilia Beaven and ‘Ciudad’.

Cecilia Beaven graduated from Visual and Plastic Arts in 2009, and in 2012, she graduated from Claymation at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC). Since then, has made an incredible career in Mexico and the world.

Cecilia not only specializes on murals. She also creates and produces videos, multimedia, and animation as part of a constant growing career.

Her portfolio makes us travel to unknown worlds by taking the most simple things on every day life and converting them into an increible display of imagination. Her work challenges us to think, to see ourselves, and to rescue our inner child.

Cecilia is the master behind the images, murals and overall brand of Cuchara and we are extremely proud if it.

Cecilia’s Statement:
Though playfulness, irrationality and seemingly organized systems that take us nowhere, an uneasy feeling of life transforms itself into a cartoonish organism; which conveys a restless and precious feeling. The way my work exists is the way life exists for me; funny, absurd, monstrous, intriguing and insisting.

More about Cecilia Beaven:

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