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San Valentín at Cuchara

It’s Valentine’s Day and we love to celebrate this day because it gives us an opportunity to express love to others, love to people no matter who they are and who they love.

Yes, we support “Tie the Knot” and their Marriage Equality Awareness.

Come by in a bow tie and get your photo taken to show your support.

We will have our favorite trio singing the best of Mexico’s romantic repertoire, specialty drinks, delicious food and much more!

We start at 5:00 PM so come join us!


Valentines Day

Valentines Day by Cecilia Beaven


Centéotl is the God of Corn

Did you know that in Mexico we eat corn ALL the time? Tortillas, tostadas, picaditas, sopes, huaraches, tamales, cakes, breads, pancakes, atoles.
Even some alcoholic drinks have corn…

This week, for Comida Corrida, we honor corn!

Come and discover some delicious recipes using corn, cooked in many different and creative ways!

Sacred and delicious!

Our indigenous people use corn as a sacred and most important ingredient for their delicious foods.

This week’s menu is dedicated to Centéotl and our most valuable ingredient.

20140127-080913.jpg Art by Cecilia Beaven.