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Today is the big day!

Today, the crew of Restaurant Impossible and dozens of volunteers will finish the much anticipated project for Gratifi Kitchen + Bar.

Construction and remodeling works are on their way, and Robert Irvine already designed and unveiled the new menu to Gratifi’s team. The anticipation surrounding the place and menu is killing us but we cannot wait until tonight when they will finally debut the new and improved Gratifi.

We are SO excited for our neighbors! We are anxiously waiting to see the entire episode on TV. (We’ll announce soon the date it will air).

As the day go by, we will be adding more updates, but for now, here’s today’s breakfast served to the entire crew, including the very own Robert Irvine.

Omelet: chorizo, spinach, calabacitas, and poblano peppers, fresh fruit, oatmeal and amaranth bread, fresh juice, melon and basil agua fresca, and our special café de olla, perfect to start the work day!


A great start of the year!

This has been a great year so far and we haven’t even finished January!

We are so excited for so many reasons:

~ Our good friends and awesome neighbors at Gratifi Kitchen + Bar Houston are having a well-deserved chance to start over thanks to no other than Restaurant Impossible‘s help.

~ We are having the chance to serve the crew and witness this amazing process while our friends get a makeover for their place.

~ Last, but not least… Look at this. LOOK AT THIS!!!

We have been enjoying this whole event and we are proud to have the entire team of Restaurant Impossible visiting our city.

We we’ll be bringing you more news as they happen… for now, we’re off to feed the next shift and crew from Food Network‘s Restaurant Impossible!