Mission accomplished!

Thanks to all that came to celebrate 5 de Mayo, our first one here at Cuchara! We had a Sunday filled with music, traditional food from Puebla, and lots of tequila! Our costumers the best!

The battle of Puebla is the true celebration for 5 de Mayo and we had an amazing gathering for our fiesta! We had raffles for bottles of tequila, toritos, free appetizers, free drinks, and a beautiful piñata.

China Poblana piñata

China Poblana piñata

Our appetizers, enchiladas de mole poblano and the chilaquiles trio were a hit.


This was our first 5 de Mayo of many more to come!

What is 5 de Mayo:
A very special occasion to remember the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1862 near the City of Puebla. Mexico had a the time a poorly-equipped unit of 4,500 Mexican soldiers, yet they still defeated a powerful French invasion force almost twice its size. 5 de Mayo is a day to remember Mexican pride and dignity, and to celebrate our sovereignty.


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